Skilltivate is the art of cultivation of new skills’. Bearing this in mind, it has been our goal to enable people to teach or study a subject or craft that they are truly passionate about. 

Our range of workshops and courses go beyond textbook learning, so every person may be able to pursue a skill that is not taught to them in standard education. 

At Skilltivate, we connect people of arts, sports and more to a dynamic network of data, so you are empowered as a teacher looking for a business or student looking to hone your skill. 

In order to truly empower our teachers and students we now also have an eCommerce platform that allows you to sell/ buy products that are aesthetically curated and handcrafted. 


Company Profile –  

Founded in 2018, Skilltivate is the first and one of its kind platform that enables users to not only search, book, organize and sell vocational skills events but also monetize those skills by selling products they make after learning.  

Belief –  

In a world powered by technology and the convenience of AI, we at Skilltivate, believe in the power of human creation. This creation manifests itself in various forms. From the simplest of an arrangement of flowers to a beautiful painting; from the expressions in the movements of Bharatanatyam and the romance of a salsa dance to the peppy Irish Step Dancing; from the omnipresent joy of bathroom singing to the synchronous performance in an orchestra.  

Every human is empowered by a creative spirit, which has the potential of making them an artist, be it a painter, dancer, sculptor or photographer. There are a plethora of such pursuits out there, which you can learn, some in a matter of few years to come in a few months. At Skilltivate, we bring to you all of these various forms of Art onto a single platform. All you need to do is chose whichever form you like and learn them through our various artists. And what more, once you are ready, you can start monetizing your skills, by joining our platform as a teacher, or by selling products of the skills you have learned through our online shop.